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Ambaaargh published on 2 Comments on Ambaaargh

What can I say? Is it surprising? Is it not? I’m not entirely sure at times myself.

Goodness knows I tend to keep a low profile about my life that it may be a surprise to some.I wish I could say it’s easy and I’m all chill casual about mentioning this on the comic…but frankly, I’m an anxious ball of stress and anxiety most days and since starting this arch I’ve actually been too scared to even check my emails out of worry of what may be lurking in there. So needless to say it may be a couple weeks before I get my big kid nerves back to look in there after all this. Because…I understand that for some it’s not their cup of tea.  And I certainly did not want to come across as if I was being preachy or soap-boxy.

My main goal as a comic maker has always been to to to bring something enjoyable into the world. Be it a funny comic to help in the hard times, or something that helps people be inspired to create their own things. To be able to say I helped a single person have a better day or helped them in a dark patch of their lives is probably the greatest accomplishment I can ever list.

And the final reason I did this mini-arc is because I suppose it meant enough to me to not only show the characters in the comic but also in a way say that there is me. A tiny human creature, flawed and likely going to make many mistakes as I trundle along. But…it is me. And you are you.

And that’s all that any of us can sometimes ask for.

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