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#6: Something Different…

#6: Something Different… published on No Comments on #6: Something Different…

That love of breaking the fourth wall will haunt me as I go. Though truth be told I’m 80% certain this gag was probably half ripped from a newspaper comic somewhere.

#5: Ah, the Ironic Ending…

#5: Ah, the Ironic Ending… published on No Comments on #5: Ah, the Ironic Ending…

And so it begins, the start of the comic.

Intros are sometimes the hardest part of doing a comic. Because it is supposed to set the pace and introduce everyone and you want it to come out strong. When I started DMFA…I honestly did not expect it to go where it is now at the time I am writing this (which is close to 15+ years later from when I first made these comics) It was meant to be the “Misadventures of Daniel Ti’Fiona” and a bunch of silly short stories based around my various Furcadian friends. And I honestly never expected it to keep going past like 20 strips.

The rest of these commentary may be less insightful and with less backstory to all things. But I figured the intro deserved extra commentary. It should be an exciting time.

#4: Going For Second Best Isn’t Always a Good Idea

#4: Going For Second Best Isn’t Always a Good Idea published on No Comments on #4: Going For Second Best Isn’t Always a Good Idea

Fun thing about Furcadia: Everyone had wings. At least my group of friends did cause we were all folks who played enough that we purchased the wing packs and wings were cool.

I eventually nerfed some of the wings down in the comic, but I can safely say DMFA singlehandedly is responsible for me never feeling the need to charge extra in commissions for wings as a complication fee because I draw them so narfing much it is second nature.

#3: Someone Isn’t Getting the Point

#3: Someone Isn’t Getting the Point published on No Comments on #3: Someone Isn’t Getting the Point

Still attempting those word bubbles, still adding in friend characters.

Merlitz in particular was a tricky one regarding his cameo. In Furcadia, MissMab (who was my avatar in the game. Mistake 3: Self inserts!) and Merlitz were a couple so my teenage self figured it was obvious the relationship should play out a bit in the comic.

#2: Who Needs a Plot? Not Us!

#2: Who Needs a Plot? Not Us! published on No Comments on #2: Who Needs a Plot? Not Us!

Here you can see I attempted to use a digital text to handle the comics. But because I had no idea what I was doing due to only having I think Paint Shop Pro at home and scanning the comics on the computer…it looked awkward and bad because I used default text. LEARNING MISTAKE 1.

Learning mistake two was setting up almost all my entire cast based on friend’s characters. Since the comic was started as sort of an in-joke with various folks I hung out with online in an old chatroom called Furcadia…almost all the starting cast was based off real folks. Which normally is a comic suicide move. But you will discover DMFA is the Rasputin of webcomics.

#1: The Story Begins…

#1: The Story Begins… published on No Comments on #1: The Story Begins…

So there’s probably two types of folks who are reading this strip: The folks who are looking at the first page for the first time and the folks who are re-reading the archives.

To the first group I AM SO SORRY. This comic started in 1999 with me still in high school and not knowing what I was doing. I used to use the scanner in the art room of my school because I didn’t have my own. The archive is pretty massive and this comic is in many ways my biggest learning experience as I bumbled and fumbled my way through learning how to do comics and making every mistake a webcomic person should not do. Most people say the comic tends to “get better” around page 50 or so…some may say later.

To the second group I AM SO SORRY. Because you are masochists and I love you for sticking through with me enough to not only read my comic but read it twice+.

I had considered once trying to revamp the older strips but truth be I find there is a sense of nostalgia. And I figure perhaps it may help inspire some comic individual that you don’t need to necessarily start out of the gates making gold. Sometimes you gotta just start out of the gates.