#1458: Abel is kind of a rules gladiator.

#1458: Abel is kind of a rules gladiator. published on No Comments on #1458: Abel is kind of a rules gladiator.

Ahh…the joys of being head of a mysterious powerhouse organization that seems to have lots of connections in all sorts of places. You never know quite where those connections may lead.  Or in this case you guys do because as an audience you get to see from the outside perspective. Also, in case folks are… Continue reading #1458: Abel is kind of a rules gladiator.

#1755: Anonymous Tip.

#1755: Anonymous Tip. published on 5 Comments on #1755: Anonymous Tip.

Two minutes after I uploaded this I realized I could have titled this comic as “Anonymous Pip” and I will never forgive myself for this fact. Also, in Mab’s defense…she isn’t really up on technology so isn’t all that sure how phone plans work. Even when it is a case of the phone being someone… Continue reading #1755: Anonymous Tip.

#1756: Fast forward.

#1756: Fast forward. published on 7 Comments on #1756: Fast forward.

Mab would have been inside the hospital, but Fae in particular have a bit of a quirky effect around sensitive devices so she opted to instead just break the fourth wall outside.  She’s courteous like that.