#1530: Sensitive Subject.

#1530: Sensitive Subject. published on

The media portrayal of Undead doesn’t really help their reputation all that much.   I expect much like Picasso’s blue phase, I’m going to look back in the archives and consider this recent year Ambaaargh’s beady eye phase.  I’m sure if I was brave enough to look back at some of the earliest strips I… Continue reading #1530: Sensitive Subject.

#1548: Hanger management

#1548: Hanger management published on

In the end, Kria opted to just get a slight trim and keep her hair in the current style for a while. Totally not because I got lazy and decided to just keep it that way until I decide to change it randomly later. And for those wondering, the reason Kria isn’t overly worried about… Continue reading #1548: Hanger management

#1549: Crumpets are also acceptable.

#1549: Crumpets are also acceptable. published on

And here you have the rare and elusive triple bypass twist-about where the plot thread I indicated was going to be left off for a bit in fact gets left in!  And the crowd goes wild! ~Aahhhhhhhh~

#1550: At least he left a note.

#1550: At least he left a note. published on

Not much to say about this update other than it’s likely the precursor to a sequence of long winded exposition.  Hope ya’ll like flashbacks! If not…er…I apologize in advance. >_>

#1551: Starting way back.

#1551: Starting way back. published on

Drawing Aliph before he became Dark Pegasus is a very weird adventure for me. One part because it requires me to remember my notes of what he looked like beforehand, and another part in that it never fails anytime I draw him it’s been long enough that I have forgotten quirks on how to actually… Continue reading #1551: Starting way back.

#1553: Prep-Time

#1553: Prep-Time published on

Industry! Science and Technology!  Big men putting screwdrivers into things!  Turning them! And adjusting them! …oh MSTK3, I will always quote you at inappropriate times.   I always feel kind of guilty when the story gets a bit exposition oriented since it usually means less impressive punchlines.  But on the bright side, it means tiny… Continue reading #1553: Prep-Time