#1581: Those who fail history are doomed to retake the class.

#1581: Those who fail history are doomed to retake the class. published on

It isn’t really keeping it a secret if you end up sleeping through half the conversation and forgetting the rest of it. Man…remember when the comic didn’t have a flashback conversation every chapter? Those were the days…*cues a flashback to reminisce on those days*

#1582: And then Ambers wrist fell off.

#1582: And then Ambers wrist fell off. published on

Every now and then I try to offset the fact the comic is getting expositiony by trying to make it look prettier. ALWAYS FORGETTING how much that slows me down and makes me warble about not being sure if all the extra work was really worth it. But if anything hopefully it will be! Some… Continue reading #1582: And then Ambers wrist fell off.

#1584: Maiden stealing prejudices.

#1584: Maiden stealing prejudices. published on

Everyone has a different approach to doing comics. Some people script things out way in advance, others just follow where the inspiration flows. I admit I tend to do a combination of improvisation and pre-planning where the overall storyline is planned out but then I will have parts of the storyline where I just let… Continue reading #1584: Maiden stealing prejudices.

#1585: They all fall down.

#1585: They all fall down. published on

Stay tuned next update as Ambaaargh quests to find the mystical punchline! *beep boop Incoming shameless plug* I am obligated by familial guilt contracts to announce that my brother is doing a Kickstarter for a card game and he has threatened….I MEAN ASKED me to promote it cause he’s my brother and I love him… Continue reading #1585: They all fall down.

#1586: Examples.

#1586: Examples. published on

I feel like I should apologize if this update is a bit more grim than I generally prefer. Also that all things considered its not a very graphically intensive one. But it was a page I had long since considered and debated about since no matter how one slices it, there isn’t really a comedic… Continue reading #1586: Examples.

#1587: Hope flies eternal.

#1587: Hope flies eternal. published on

One of the things I often have enjoyed since starting the comic was seeing how various individuals interpret characters and the actions said characters would take. In some cases, it would result in some pretty spectacular speculation and folks commenting on an interpretation that I had never even considered myself. Other times, it is often… Continue reading #1587: Hope flies eternal.