#1501: Small problem.

#1501: Small problem. published on

Don’t worry. Give her a fifteen years and a cellphone and odds are she’ll have plenty to talk about. ZING! Get it? Cause she’ll be a teenage girl.  With a phone.  That’s still a thing right? Right?? …I’ll get back to making comics now.

#1503: Doooooom(tm)

#1503: Doooooom(tm) published on

In case people wonder, a phoenix oracle generally gets access to her abilities and past life memories when she turns 16.  So up until then, they pretty much get to relive childhood fairly normally.  For some oracles, they find the experience rather delightful as they literally get to relive their youth before getting back into… Continue reading #1503: Doooooom(tm)

#1504: Sword of Damocles.

#1504: Sword of Damocles. published on

As a kid, I used to read Greek legends like it was going out of style and a big feature in some of their tales was the concept of fate and destiny as an unavoidable thing.  And that many legends occurred simply because one person tried to do something to shirk fate. I imagine with… Continue reading #1504: Sword of Damocles.