#1811: That last step is important.

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For those wondering, Viv called Piflak her “Greatest of Aunts” mainly because at this point there are too many “great great great great great…” to keep track of. Not because Piflak is a direct aunt.

#1817: Demon at heart.

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It is also not the first nor last time a demon temper tantrum destroyed furniture or property so it usually is best to herd them to less populated areas if you suspect they may be getting fussy.

#1820: The feather escaped.

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For those of you not content with having a single unreliable narrator, we here at DMFA are offering you TWO unreliable narrators for the price of one!

#1825: Brutally Honest.

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One of the interesting things about coming from a comic of ancient times that I started in high school is that admittedly some of the world-building is a bit more rubber band than I would like. In a lot of furry comics and media the concept comes up of “how does a society work in… Continue reading #1825: Brutally Honest.

#1836: Divergent.

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I wanted to write something clever here but honestly all I can think about is cookies now. It’s the hazard of doing a webcomic sometimes: getting songs stuck in one’s head or thinking about a certain food long enough you kind of crave it yourself. I’m pretty sure if I had to do some sort… Continue reading #1836: Divergent.