#1574: Short Attention Span.

#1574: Short Attention Span. published on

Dan has a long history of having a short attention span when it comes to lessons that involve less action and more words. Which is probably why most adventuring groups involve a group that likely includes at least one individual who is good at listening and another who is good at paperwork.

#1577: Somehow it does work. Trust me.

#1577: Somehow it does work. Trust me. published on

Some have tried to figure out how to somehow weaponize warp-aci. I mean, the teleporting ability and tricks with small folding pockets of dimension and space would make it seem like an ideal setup for something a bit more dangerous that holiday gift basket delivery. However all attempts have usually ended in pretty spectacular failure… Continue reading #1577: Somehow it does work. Trust me.

#1578: Complete with matching hats.

#1578: Complete with matching hats. published on

This update marks the first comic I’ve opted to save in png format. (Only took me over 1.5k comics eh?) I’m not even sure if pngs were even a thing back when I first started. Or at least in the sense of a viable option to upload webcomic strips to. Its kind of interesting to… Continue reading #1578: Complete with matching hats.