#1691: Conspiracy Purist.

#1691: Conspiracy Purist. published on

I’m actually not the biggest fan of awards and competitions. Especially when it comes to things in which I didn’t intend to be a competition. I didn’t make any character to one day compete in a ‘best character’ contest, and I didn’t start the comic to compete in a web-comic competition. They are just various… Continue reading #1691: Conspiracy Purist.

#1695: Not a clan of subtlety.

#1695: Not a clan of subtlety. published on

It’s been on record that clan leader Dimanika will meet with Taun the day that Taun sends one of her messengers in the style of singing telegram. She has allowed for them to also be punching telegrams in the process if they prefer a strange singing/punching combination. The two clan leaders have yet to meet.

#1696: May be somewhat biased.

#1696: May be somewhat biased. published on

Some may suspect that Fa’Lina and Taun perhaps may not have the most friendly of alliances. Clan of Hope, Clan of Anger…one who strives for peace, one who lives for war. One being considered an empty clan due to no members, one being one of the largest clans active (not counting Zezzuva’s recent population boom… Continue reading #1696: May be somewhat biased.

#1698: She is actually a few hundreds years old.

#1698: She is actually a few hundreds years old. published on

One should always be aware of wandering fashion design students in SAIA. They normally have a high tendency to engage in spontaneous make-overs, but when contests are presented they get extra zealous and many a student has fallen victim to fashion.

#1699: The thought counts to two.

#1699: The thought counts to two. published on

Jyrras tends to run a pretty serious ship when on the job. It probably doesn’t help that half his job involves a high chance of things exploding or going horribly mad-scientifically wrong otherwise so not much time for tomfoolery.