#1720: Netflix and Nope

#1720: Netflix and Nope published on

Note: Sorry for the flats only so far. I always underestimate what a beast the Christmas weekend is. There will not be an update on Monday, but I plan to etch out the shading for this update in the few free hours of my weekend when I’m not buried beneath family holiday togetherness stuff. I… Continue reading #1720: Netflix and Nope

#1721: Antilife of the party.

#1721: Antilife of the party. published on

I shall miss you silly clubbing outfit and your tiny keyhole window for dudes. Like a candle in the wind. As an aside, I currently have a twitter poll going on for folks to pick the next clan leader wallpaper. (Link: HERE) In the downloads section there is now Jin available thanks to the fine… Continue reading #1721: Antilife of the party.

#1743: Vote of incompetence.

#1743: Vote of incompetence. published on 3 Comments on #1743: Vote of incompetence.

And we’re back! (A dinosaur story!) Well…sort of back. Mostly back.  As some folks may notice the page is a bit still unpolished.  There’s a few pages that are kind of semi-borked but the most important part…the comic is at least back in action. For those who hadn’t been following along on the missmab.com site,… Continue reading #1743: Vote of incompetence.

#1744: Warp Aci love what they think are sports.

#1744: Warp Aci love what they think are sports. published on 2 Comments on #1744: Warp Aci love what they think are sports.

A home run according to the warp aci is when you both have same favorite pizza toppings.  And therefore order pizza.

#1745: She is good at that.

#1745: She is good at that. published on 5 Comments on #1745: She is good at that.

There are two kinds of folks who self-invite themselves to things: those who are unaware of how aggravating it is when one does that…and those who are aware but do it anyways.

#1746: RIP Retinas.

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It was once said that good artists borrow, great artists steal.  Pablo Picasso I believe.  The whole concept of art theft is definitely one of the more heated ones and certainly a controversial subject.  Like where does it go from using references to tracing…can one steal a style or elements of a style…or how much… Continue reading #1746: RIP Retinas.