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#1458: Abel is kind of a rules gladiator.

#1458: Abel is kind of a rules gladiator. published on No Comments on #1458: Abel is kind of a rules gladiator.

Ahh…the joys of being head of a mysterious powerhouse organization that seems to have lots of connections in all sorts of places. You never know quite where those connections may lead.  Or in this case you guys do because as an audience you get to see from the outside perspective.

Also, in case folks are wondering, that argument regarding fort vs reflex was a real thing.  One of my friends apparently had a that GM ™ who had grown tired of the fact her rogue had a high reflex save so started making all the traps fort/will…even when it didn’t make sense.   I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone who reads this comic that I may have at times played dungeons and derps.  I’d say dungeons and dragons but really…in the course of my gaming arena I have encountered way more derp than dragons.

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