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#1459: Amber takes taco questions the most serious.

#1459: Amber takes taco questions the most serious. published on No Comments on #1459: Amber takes taco questions the most serious.

Really I find both have their pros and cons, and tend to fall into the whimsy of what I feel like at the moment.  Sometimes I just want to have that visceral crunch of a hard taco shell, where as the soft shell tends to have a slight edge on practicality and mess containment.  Then again I always go by the mindset that if someone is concerned about messiness, then taco consumption may not be the task to undertake.

Truly I think the more important question is what kind of toppings.  I’m personally partial to the corn tortillas if I am going soft shell. I also have a slight vendetta against iceburg lettuce and consider it an abomination of leafy green.  Seriously, just about any other green leafy vegetable I think is a step up.  Obviously shredded cheese is a must, and I like sour cream.  Salsa for me is an optional aspect, same with diced tomatoes.  I will not turn them away, but if they are missing I will not consider it a no-go for tacos.

That said, I personally do enjoy trying different styles and types of tacos. I’m always a fan when folks send in taco recipes of any spectrum and variety. Chicken, shrimp, veggie, home recipes, what have you.

I think there were some other questions but I can’t be bothered to think too much in detail over them. There are tacos to think about.

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