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#1478: Demon diplomacy is all intimidate.

#1478: Demon diplomacy is all intimidate. published on

I know when this story was moving along, a few people speculated about the ramifications should Mehlata have been successful in assassinating Kria. The most likely one would have been the city would have been hella impressed by the swagger and cunning thus would have gone through with the contracts with the mindset that the island nation was not something to be trifled with.

A few people speculated about what Dark Pegasus would have done, and the likely response would be that he would have worked on a plan in which to destroy the entire Undead race…which…is sort of in his to-do list anyways.

So I guess the long story short of it is that if Mehlata was successful, there would have been no negative ramifications at all.

…demons are weird like that.

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