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#1479: No rest for the wicked.

#1479: No rest for the wicked. published on

I’ve had a few folks ask about Kria’s hair and it’s inevitable return. Well, to start…yes…the hair will return. Drawing fur-less Kria is a very strange thing for me so I expect seeing fur-less Kria is strange for you. But as for the time-speed…it honestly will likely just be based on personal whimsy. Kria technically has access to enough magically adept folks she could get her wing regenerated and fur/hair grown back pretty quick. Then again, she may just not be bothered to use magic and just let them both return at a natural rate as demons are one of the few races who can actually grow an entire limb back naturally.

I expect like many things in the comic…it will all depend on which version is funnier.

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