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#1480: If it bleeds we can kill it. Maybe.

#1480: If it bleeds we can kill it. Maybe. published on

I always feel weird about doing some informative comics since there is always the risk that you answer one question, get two questions back. So I’ll see if I can curb off a couple below.

1: So if a Fae enters a dimension where cold iron can kill it and they die, do they really die?
A: Yes. Wouldn’t make much sense to have that rule otherwise. However, the soul would just revert back to a new fae in the Fae realm.

2: So why not just set up a rule in a dimension that they can have crossbreeds / die and give their soul to a non-Fae / put their soul in a Hollow?
A: Because they have near-infinite power…not infinite. There are some things the Fae cannot do. And boy howdy that fact really bugs them.

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