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#1500: Mink was a very energetic child.

#1500: Mink was a very energetic child. published on

First off, thank you to everyone, new readers and old.  It’s been a pretty crazy ride so far.  One that I hope has been as enjoyable for you all to read as it has been for me to create.  The comic sure has changed a lot since its founding days, both in art and in story.  But one thing will no doubt stay the same…me drawing terrible terrible things.

That said, to actually partially answer the question: Mink is a character who in development I had and have no gender in mind.  For Mink, gender is a non-issue and not really essential to the character.  For those who wonder what pronouns are preferred, I personally tend to default to male pronouns but really Mink responds to any and has no real preference. Whatever folks feel comfortable with and as long as it is consistent.  At the end of the day, Mink is a squigglet.

That also also said, my desire to see baby Mink in Anne Geddes style artwork is very strong.

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