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#1507: Lets get some shoes.

#1507: Lets get some shoes. published on

I remember an instance where a lady was offered a free trip to Paris. Hotel, travel, all covered. The catch being that the person contacting her was an “artist” and there was some “pigments” they wanted her to bring back with her that could only be gotten in that country.  I am not sure what crazy logic they used to explain how offering a lady a trip to another country and hotel was cheaper or a better alternative than just mailing the so-called pigments, but needless to say the average person should have a few flags raise up if someone they never met offers them a trip to another country in exchange for them carrying back some parcels of white powder for them.  Much less this request coming from an “artist”, which is generally a profession where the choice between food and art supplies is often an issue.

Double needless to say, this lady did not get any of those flags.
Triple needless to say the police of France were even less impressed when they questioned her about all the drugs she was trying to bring out of the country.

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