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#1541: I will be a riot at my school reunion.

#1541: I will be a riot at my school reunion. published on

I kid obviously. FreeFall will outlive not only my comic but perhaps even myself.

I think one of the reasons I was asked this recently is that at the time I write this, a couple other webcomics have announced their plans to end.  It’s a very strange thing being in the webcomic world for as long as I have been.  I have seen a lot of comics come and go.  Some make it their full run and others fall to the wayside.  In a lot of ways I’m always humbled and in awe that I’ve somehow managed to keep going as I have.

But yes, I don’t have any doubt that DMFA will indeed one day end.  I know how it will end, and I can even say with some confidence that we are now well past the midway point of the comic.  I don’t have plans to go on indefinitely and in some cases I do feel that there comes a time when it is time to end a story.  But I know if anything, it will be an interesting journey to get there.

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