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#1548: Hanger management

#1548: Hanger management published on

In the end, Kria opted to just get a slight trim and keep her hair in the current style for a while. Totally not because I got lazy and decided to just keep it that way until I decide to change it randomly later.

And for those wondering, the reason Kria isn’t overly worried about Devin gnawing on her is that even if he somehow was able to break skin, she would have to die within a certain period of time for the Undead effect to kick in. And demon skin is pretty tough even without them magically making it tougher.  Also…Devin’s kind of a wimpy biter and Kria knows it.

As an aside, this comic was just a trouble to get done for some reason.  There’s nothing worse than taking so long on a page and mentally going “its just three panels. Why is this going so slow??”  I blame the fact it took me three tries to get that last panel to look properly entertaining to me.

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