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#1578: Complete with matching hats.

#1578: Complete with matching hats. published on

This update marks the first comic I’ve opted to save in png format. (Only took me over 1.5k comics eh?) I’m not even sure if pngs were even a thing back when I first started. Or at least in the sense of a viable option to upload webcomic strips to. Its kind of interesting to me coming from an ANCIENT MONOLITH OF WEBCOMIC standpoint where back in the starting days it was actually a major problem for webcomics to have comic files too large due to bandwidth costs and how there was a risk of getting too popular to the point you couldn’t afford hosting due to folks using up so much bandwidth reading through the archives. So there was always this drive and push to try to find a way to give yourself nice looking comics but also trying to make it the smallest kb ever.

Then again it causes me to suddenly realize just how long this comic has been around. Man…it’s come a long way from the herbaderp days of angelfire hosting and using my high school scanner to scan the strips.

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