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#1587: Hope flies eternal.

#1587: Hope flies eternal. published on

One of the things I often have enjoyed since starting the comic was seeing how various individuals interpret characters and the actions said characters would take. In some cases, it would result in some pretty spectacular speculation and folks commenting on an interpretation that I had never even considered myself. Other times, it is often interesting to me to see what is taken away from based on their own life experiences. Usually I try to keep my own interpreations to myself because I don’t want them to muddy up other folks impressions. But I will confess that Fa’Lina is a character who often strikes my personal feelings when it comes to the matter of loss and strength and how sometimes being strong doesn’t necessarily mean the problems just go away if you work hard enough at it. And that sometimes being strong is just about continuing on knowing full well the solution is never going to be easy or come at all. Or that a problem may never truly go away.

Sometimes just doing what you can do with what you got is the hardest but most impressive thing a person can do.

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