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#1604: Looking Back, Moving Forward.

#1604: Looking Back, Moving Forward. published on

Anyone whose played enough D&D or Pathfinder or any fantasy RP game can likely tell you about a story of “the line of suspension of belief” regarding their group or a particular player. It’s the kind of thing that usually crops up where despite it being a world of fantastical creatures with phenomenal powers, there is always -something- that apparently is just unrealistic enough that it’s just not something they can mental work with. In one of my groups it was the concept of riding dogs (or large wolf mounts) because a player owned a large dog and was very vocal about how their spines were not capable of handling riding weight. Even when someone tried to point out that odds are they are fantasy breeds who likely had a skeletal/muscle structure to handle it…they just would not have any of it. That was the line they refused to cross.

I forget why exactly this anecdote crossed my mind.

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