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#1621: Soulstealer Family Tree

#1621: Soulstealer Family Tree published on

A long while back there was a joke about how Lorenda brought a list of her family for Dan to check through to see how many relatives of hers were on his to-kill list. A few folks had suggested I should one day do it. So for those also wondering what exactly is Regina’s relation to Kria and Aliph and everyone…now you have a small family tree.

As an aside, at the time I update this (November 16th, 2015) it marks the anniversary of DMFA itself. Which means this trainwreck has been going on for about 16 years now (15 if you factor in the year haitus). And like a true champion, I actually completely forgot to do anything special in particular to celebrate it. …ah well…maybe next year. If anything I hope the folks who have been reading it, be it since the start or just now are coming to the end of an archive binge and are reading it for the first time…well I hope it’s been enjoyable so far. And I hope it will be enjoyable for however long it keeps going.

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