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#1643: Wouldnt open it unless you want to get ahead.

#1643: Wouldnt open it unless you want to get ahead. published on

(As a heads up, there will likely be no Monday update this week due to double fambushes over the weekend. I’ll see you all Friday!)

One of my well-liked game series is Borderlands. I find it pretty enjoyable. Put in more hours than I would like to admit, (Siren in the first game, Mechromancer in the second) All the expansions, all the crazy shenanigans. Good times. Those who don’t know much about the game, you play as a group of treasure seekerss called vault hunters and the first game is pretty much all about you trying to track down some sort of super vault that is thought to contain unfathomable riches.

It wasn’t only way later when I was going down the road did I realize that they named the planet Pandora. And that the whole purpose of the first game was you were trying to open a giant box cause you were curious about what was inside. It was not my brightest moment.

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