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#1675: The customer is dead to rights.

#1675: The customer is dead to rights. published on

In a world where magic can theoretically construct materials or alchemize one thing to another…the question begins what then is considered valuable. The primary thing ends up being craftmanship, since true someone can make a lump of gold…but smoothing it out and working it into intricate shapes or jewelry requires a lot more finesse and skill. Because truth be only a few overly powerful races can create fully assembled items out of thin air. And even more truth be, converting one material over to another takes a fair amount of energy and resource to do that it would be pointless on a mass market scale.

Granted I expect the more savvy world-builder types would be able to poke a metric bushel of holes into this ship of thoughts. But it is also a case of I’m writing this particular update at 4AM.

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