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#1691: Conspiracy Purist.

#1691: Conspiracy Purist. published on

I’m actually not the biggest fan of awards and competitions. Especially when it comes to things in which I didn’t intend to be a competition. I didn’t make any character to one day compete in a ‘best character’ contest, and I didn’t start the comic to compete in a web-comic competition. They are just various expressions and outlets, so the idea of them being put up on judging display to be rated and possibly found lacking tends to make me feel uneasy in general. Because in a way it’s like a judgment of an extension of an honest expression of me.

Like it’s one thing to enter a cake making contest and make a cake for especially for it…it’s another for someone to grab the cake you made at home for fun and add it to the judging roster. And true, some folks may be flattered someone thought their cake was good enough for someone to think it was worth competing. (And in many cases it may be! And if that makes the person happy then go for it!) But to me I’m like…what if they are like “wow this is the grossest cake? Anyone who would like this cake has no taste. This is the weakest cake of the set.” and I’m over there just…but its my cake. :c

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