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#1721: Antilife of the party.

#1721: Antilife of the party. published on

I shall miss you silly clubbing outfit and your tiny keyhole window for dudes. Like a candle in the wind.

As an aside, I currently have a twitter poll going on for folks to pick the next clan leader wallpaper. (Link: HERE) In the downloads section there is now Jin available thanks to the fine and fabulous Patreon patrons and while I will be revamping Jyrras’ wallpaper this month…that means in February its time for another clan leader. So I figured I’d pit Lust clan versus Love clan to duke out who is the real winner of Valentines day. Feel free to swing by and give a vote!

I hope everyone had a good New Years. I am looking forward to chugging through this year and making all the comics ever. EVER.

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