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why the fuck does Zinvth want to protect Jyrras? is it because he’s a genius? rich? i would like to think that he’s quite a threat to them since he makes Technology that doesn’t need magic to work.

It has to do with the Mab’s plot for world domination and with him being bachelor of the year also thanks to Mab.

I laughed for a moment. Then I shuddered a bit when I realized this is probably actually true….

Never trust a ditz. They’re usually secretly evil geniuses.

I know Mab’s a Fae and that Fae are ridiculously OP, but she never ever struck me as someone who would ever plot world domination. and also not someone who is would manipulate Nations like that.

though she DID make Jyrras Bachelor of the year; a title he very clearly doesn’t want.

To my knowledge, best as I can recall from my readings (certainly not gonna dive back into the archives to pinpoint each), it’s more a matter of some great cabal working to keep Jyrras alive long enough to create completely, 100% non magical technology. Making him Bachelor of the Year just gave them a good excuse to have protection following him around. Previously, they’d had a fae “curse” him (Side note: Faes give magical tattoos to people they intend to take “vengeance” on. Most other beings will then avoid harming such marked individuals, lest they deprive the fae of their “revenge.”)

I believe both Kria and Biggs are confirmed members of said cabal, and that at the least Biggs- in cooperation with Dan’s mother- is working on some plan to eradicate the dragon race. May or may not be related to the cabal, or may be part of Bigg’s own agenda.

Close. You’re right about the non-magical technology bit, but from what I know that’s part of some game that Mab is playing with Pip (you mention it below, part of the rules is that Pip is stuck in his wyvern form and Mab doesn’t get her omnipotence). The only cabal that I know of is the Creature Council (not entirely sure if they are an actual governing body or something) who have an awareness of what Gyrras is doing but don’t have specifics in terms of how far along he is. They can’t make up their minds on whether or not they like it or see him as a threat and thus should kill him.

The fae curse was a favour from Albanion to Mab in exchange for him and Queen Nutmeg getting Mab’s mom’s soul for their child. It backfired because having it made Gyrras nervous and he asked Mab to see if she could get it removed, not knowing that Mab made a promise of one favour to each friend she made in Furrae. Being made Bachalor of the Year was how Albanion and Mab fulfilled the curse while still keeping Gyrras protected, since it would look bad on Zinvth if Gyrras (now a celebrity) got killed for any reason.

What the game is between Mab and Pip, we don’t know. Biggs and Destania’s (Dan’s mom) plan to eradicate Furrae dragons is their own thing for their own reasons.

I doubt she has a world domination plot (She’s a fae; world domination is a simple as deciding they WANT to do so), but she isn’t quite the ditz she seems; an earlier comic showed she has some sort of agreement with Pip (an actual “could break reality if they wanted to” dragon trapped in his current tiny form) wherein she’s willingly ignoring his omnipotence, as it were.

Kria wants to protect him because he’s bachelor of the year. I hate that Chazore’s link in the cast doesn’t link back to her in Kria’s office because the comic before her introduction was hilarious. Originally the stealthiest of Division 5 was going to trail Jyrras and that didn’t last very long.

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