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…you know, you could always open the window first…

Naah, it doesn’t have the same “oomph”. I mean if you’re going to open the window then why bother throwing them at all, might as well just drop them which just isn’t fun.

She could try aiming for the windows of the building across the street but then she’d only be paying for them instead.

Yuh-oh. Last I checked, Lost Lake was outside Zinuth’s boundaries.

Does Kria realise she’s sentenced Abel to exile, or is my geography off?

She knows full well what she’s done. She also knows that Jyrras lives there, is best friends with Abel, and, as Zinvth’s Bachelor of the Year, is quite well protected, as is, by extension, anyone who happens to be with him, such as Abel, probably. She also probably knows that Lost Lake is itself protected.

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