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Hopefully she just doesn’t exist on a material level anymore, rather than a total Cessation of Existance. Because, damn, that’d be harsh even if they were the type of fanatically ranting psychopath you’d think of when you hear ‘Hizell Minion’ and ‘Death Cult’ rather than what we got.

No body, no crime

If she is removed her from existance (time and space), then how does Pyroduck remember this even, and if mab is telling the truth then another (insert speices here) would have been sent in her place – unless her race was removed from existance – as such mab must be lying or we have discovered a plot hole. In any case no crime was committed on a metaphysical level and there never was a body.

“So lets review Pyroduck’s performance so far. He was given an order to kill the messenger or die. My scry reveals that the messenger is no longer alive but he is, excellent I thought I’d have to send at least a dozen messengers before he killed one. Maybe he has a lot more potential than I thought. Hmmm, I have been harsh on the boy. As an apology gift I’ll start the preparations for the undisownment ceremony immediately. Now to review the scry I set to record the fight….”

Is it me or is Mab being rather creep-fully happy about removing someone from existence? Or did she somehow rewrite space/time to cause the character to be someone and/or something else.

No, it’s not you. She’s a Fae. There’s a reason Jyrras curses the entire species.

However, as has been mentioned above, it’s entirely possible that Mab transported the Mythos girl to some other existance, since we know there is a multiverse.

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