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#1778: Need more random gifts to boost relationship.

#1778: Need more random gifts to boost relationship. published on 18 Comments on #1778: Need more random gifts to boost relationship.

Mab’s favored gifts are: Polearms, brownies, and 80’s nostalgia items even though this universe doesn’t have the same timeline thus did not have an 80’s of sorts to be nostalgic about.

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Aw, she never thought of Pyroduck as a close friend? But still she felt compelled to save his life… maybe out of friendship to Fa‚ÄôLina? Or more likely just to cheeze off Hizell and remind him that Lost Lake is OFF LIMITS.

Clearly pyroduck hasn’t leveled his rep with the mab’s reputation.. I hear it’s long hard gruelling grind..

You have to start in childhood, when Mab is a child, and live with her as you’re growing up, and as she pops in and out of your reality and grows up in a hundred other universes, and…

Let’s just say you should probably buy the Mab Friendship Guide, and hope it’s not a counterfeit sold by a disguised Mab for laughs!!

Am I the only one who heard dark foreboding music and sound effects in my head moving from the second to third panel? Not even exaggerating, like… literally.

I heard that sudden silence that only comes in ominous moments when all the background music and noise are deliberately muted, creating an unsettling silence, only punctuated by a loud stage light clank as the lights drop to ominous levels, and the focus changes just enough to be an unnerving level of “off”, making you realize before any reply is heard that you’ve made a mistake, and you just hope it’s not bad enough that something VERY bad happens.

At least, that’s my impression of that moment. ;D

Um… is it just me or did Mab just kill someone and was blissfully unconcerned about it? I mean, I get that it was lose lose for Pyroduck, but this wasn’t a good thing either. Yeah, Silver was trying to kill Pyroduck, I get it, but it was pretty clear she didn’t have a choice in the matter. I don’t sense she ‘volunteered for tribute’ here. And if she fails, she dies. I almost wanted Pyroduck to transform, hug Silver and hold her till she finally admitted she wasn’t going to kill him or be killed, and agree to stay at lost lake till Hizell was dealt with. Then there’d be a very interesting tet a tet between Hizell and Pyroduck, since Hizell clearly doesn’t want to kill Pyroduck. He wants him to change his behavior. That opens up a whole new realm of questions.

It’s a mix of comedy and a case of “Blue and Orange Morality”… as has been hinted at prior (and noted on the TVTropes page for the comic), the Fae don’t see things quite the same as we do when it comes to certain issues; that’s why she basically picked on Pyroduck on arguing semantics on the definition of killing someone when he accused her of doing such when she erased the messenger from existence.

I think it proved Hizell right. That Pyroduck is too weak to take care of himself. That he needed mab to save him. I would have loved it if he’d given Mab a very terrified little ‘yes’. Then mab slapped a faerie curse cuff on him. Then Pyroduck has to confront Silver, without her spear, to tell her that he’ll confront Hizell. The curse should protect him long enough for a face to face with Hizell. Then interesting things happen. Would Hizell risk a faerie curse simply to extinguish his son? Is Pyroduck strong enough to survive a fight with him? How do the Silvers react to Hizell’s own son standing up for them, at risk to his very life. Silver wasn’t a fanatic. She wasn’t glad to die.

Instead, Pyroduck let Mab kill his enemy for him, did nothing to prevent the next from coming next month, and effectively castrated Pyroduck as a character. Is Mab going to poof the next silver and the next? Can Pyroduck even STAY in lost lake, knowing that a string of murders is going to come to his door?

I dunno. It seems like this goes beyond Blue and Orange Morality to a mistake on Amber’s part.

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