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I forgot about the brownie incident! Ah the memories.

I need to be reminded. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

So either everyone (including Amber) is misremembering, because those were cookies and not brownies, or that’s not quite the right strip.

Either way, thanks!

Thats terrifying. Just erase sombody from existance with a shrug? Sounds like the bad guy, to be honest.

Nah.. bad guys tend to put effort into their craft.. Fae are just something you try to avoid getting in the way of.. like a boulder rolling down the hill.

1: You just fired your machinegun at that childrens birthday party!!??
2: And? I couldn’t care less, had to check it. I am the biggest badass in the world, nobody can touch me anyway.
See my point now?

I see your point.. and have to point out that it is flawed in this case.
Your point has entity #2 as someone on your level and out of their mind.. a person firing a gun can be seen as insane or evil.. and you would be correct.. BUT…

The issue is when the force is not of your level.. like a Fae.. or a falling rock or say.. a Whale. all three are neither human nor care for what you believe they should be.. if whatever force even notices your being.. it may not care in the slightest.

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