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#1781: Just dont sleep in the middle of mushrooms.

#1781: Just dont sleep in the middle of mushrooms. published on 13 Comments on #1781: Just dont sleep in the middle of mushrooms.

Would be super awkward if he ended up sleeping for 40 years lemme tell ya.

(Temp Notice: Entering that oh no trip is almost upon me travel planning panic stage. Will be posting a wallpaper up later today and ze taco review. Next update on Monday will be the last one for a bit as since I mentioned below I will be travelling out for the week so off and awaaaaay. So I will see you all Monday in the meantime! I will be off and away during the updates of September 8th and September 11th due to being out of country to attend a wedding. If all goes well there may be guest comics to entertain you in the meantime. It really depends on if I can coerce anyone out there reading this into drawing some. *shifty eyes* If not, I may be able to sucker my husband or brother into making something which I am sure will not go horribly wrong in any way. But either way I wanted to give people theheads up so that they are not confused when it happens.)

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life sucks, sometimes. Interesting arguments. I am impressed.
Reminds me a bit of “cockoos nest” from Cherryh. There is no superpowers but an extraordinary education of mind and body few only pass who then become wandering judges. People ask them to solve their cases and the answer ranges from blabla to beheading of the one who asked. Has some japanese reminescense i think. Interesting arguing in some example cases.

“Sure I could kill Hizell and end the problem with minimal loss of life, but then then how would the story keep going?”

Mab is here to play a role, as all Fae do in one way or another, and she spells it out in this page that she has decided to let the inhabitants of this world do as they want to and intervene as little as possible, she is not going to become a vengeful goddess. She will try to help her current favorite mortals and do some small favors for them, but she is not going to solve their problems for them.

But she didn’t act to protect Pyroduck per se, she was simply acting to defend her territory as it is. The problem lies in the fact that these attacks will now occur regularly, which means that the optimal method of defending her territory is by eliminating the instigator – and as we’ve seen from previous strips, fae are fully willing to seek an optimal solution to existing issues rather than simply using reactionary tactics.

Protecting the inn was an extension to a promise (said last page), it is not said what the promise is exactly but since this is the living place of Dan and Alexsi and Alexsi was attacked last time it is likely the promise entailed protecting her.

While an optimal method is to remove the instigator, another optimal method is to remove the target. The target of the attacks however is not the inn or Alexsi, it is Pyroduck. No Pyroduck, no more attacks. And with her stance on minimal intervention, what would have the bigger impact, removing the head of a powerful faction with loyalist clans and an unknown number of widespread connections, or a single individual with just a small handful of connections of adopted family and friends. The latter would sadden some people, but the former would throw an entire region into chaos.

Though it comes back to free will and minimal intervention, this is an issue between Pyroduck and his biological father, it is not on her to solve this problem for them and both Pyroduck and Hizell have several options available to deal with this that doesn’t involve her or the inn. Until then Mab will protect the inn as she sees fit and react to imminent dangers not theoretical future ones.

Given Mab’s relationship with Dan and Hizell’s known hatred of the Cubi race, the most optimal action Mab could take in both fulfilling her promise and preventing harm to those she cares about would still be to eliminate the instigator of this attack. If Hizell’s sphere of influence is an issue, does that mean Mab would refrain from eliminating him if Hizell personally took action against the inn?

There are others too that hate the cubi race. Should she wipe out the whole dragon race just because they might be a threat to cubi in general and Dan in particular? What about more personal hatreds/threats, like Dark Pegasus, kill him too just in case? Might as well eliminate any creature that thinks beings are a lesser existence before they might come near the inn.

She has said she’ll protect the inn so when someone is about to damage the inn, or hurt someone part of the inn (I doubt she’d done this for a random patron), she’ll step in, but she won’t go out of her way to remove any potential threat. And yes, Hizell is a potential threat and not a sure one, he has the choice to stop pursuing them, or to plan his schemes so it doesn’t target the inn and whomever else falls under Mab’s promise, he is not an immediate problem for her to fix.

Hizell personally attacking the inn is a whole different issue as she’ll then be the one on the defense. Also [spoiler for next page] it seems Mab gave him a warning not to try this again[/spoiler].

My only concern is that erasing her from existence erased her SOUL. Like, if there’s any kind of afterlife, she won’t have one. She’s just… no more.

Simply killing her feels kinder.

You know, I was reading over the past couple pages, and I’m back to a mindset I’d had before.

There’s actually a legitimate argument to be made for not killing that Mythos, and the argument is basically that this is Alexi’s place of business. Mab obviously had the capability of resolving the issue in a manner of her choosing, meaning that some of her other options, like turning her to stone or trapping her in a mirror or a crystal or something, were possibilities.

Possibilities that would have given Alexi the right to determine what the punishment for attacking HER employees on HER land and in HER place of business should be, and since Mab was acting on Alexi’s benefit, that’s a choice she should have given Alexi, since she had the ability to easily do so.

Plus, well, random people entering and then completely disappearing tends to make for bad business once rumors start to get out. That’s also a problem. Even a dead body that has an explanation is better.

In a nutshell, I think Mab may have messed up here. Just saying.

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