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#1789: Yes her tips are no longer dyed.

#1789: Yes her tips are no longer dyed. published on 10 Comments on #1789: Yes her tips are no longer dyed.

You and I both know that despite all this hyping up the chances are high Dan and Regina are just going to work out their differences in a highly anticlimactic conversation.  If my own archives are anything to go by.

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you know, i actually feel kind of bad for Aliph. he has to live with REGINA. ugh. its a good thing he has experience ignoring bitches, if i were in his shoes i’d probably kill her for being annoying

I wonder if this will lead to the reveal on why he promised not to kill Regina, as that never made sense to me.
I foresee a high chance of there being several fake-out moments of them meeting though only to have them spot each other seconds before the party is over and being warped home.

Didn’t we already find that out when he tried attacking her back at Aliph’s old house? That monologue she did in her head is a clue as to why he wants to kill her at least. Now… on why he HASN’T killed her yet, from what I can gather the long lived races prefer holding grudges instead of just simply killing the object of their rage. Maybe he’s more Cubi then he likes to admit?

Why he wants to kill her has mostly been told. Why he hadn’t killed her yet seems to have been because she was in hiding and he didn’t know where she was.

But at the Soulstealer party, right before he went for his month at Saia, he made a promise (either with DP or Kria I think) to not kill Regina, and that is what I asked about and thought to not make sense to me.

Edit: It was with DP and said here at page #1206.

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