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#1791: Back on the catwalk.

#1791: Back on the catwalk. published on 20 Comments on #1791: Back on the catwalk.

Alright designers. Your challenge is as such: you have a client who is going to be making an appearance of one of Piflak’s parties and he will be wearing the winner’s design.  A former adventurer raised as a being, you should consider his strengths and weaknesses.  An additional challenge is that you are not allowed to make use of our hairstylists because the client is very adamant about keeping to his default look. Something about it being a key feature to his look.

Make it work~

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Sadly, the smart-alec in my brain went and had me look to confirm that I think Dan’s in the best outfit already… Piflak is the leader of a clan of Pride, and according to Demonology 101, encourages her clan to do the best at what they do; I’d assume then, that it would only be fitting that an outfit that helps augment that look would be fine… so, his normal outfit, which is what he’s worn for much of his adventuring time (going back to the amazon adventure at least), is what my personal sell is…

Except maybe with goggles, because he’s a leading character, and those usually get goggles if TV has taught me anything.

Dunno what you’re so upset about, Dan. A lot of people would kill to be able to view outfits on themselves without putting them on.

But he can already morph himself new clothes without having to actually change.

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