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Wow, Dan looks a lot taller than Piflak in panel one. I never noticed how much shorter she was than him before.

I mean, technically, I guess she’s WAY taller than him, but in avatar form, yeah, I guess you’re right, and that surprises oh god I just realized this means there is a thirty-plus foot Dimanika out there somewhere projecting herself into an avatar that terrifies me so much

Wait, whose room did Quoar leave that invitation in? Abel’s? I’m really curious how that’s going to turn out.

It will turn out with Miss Priss (the Warp-Aci who was the invitation left in Abel’s room) returning to Piflak without Abel.
Being mauled to near death by a dragon is a very valid reason for not attending, as the doctor explained.
Not very spectacular, but being deadly sick or dead was one of the conditions allowed for not attending.

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