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#1825: Brutally Honest.

#1825: Brutally Honest. published on No Comments on #1825: Brutally Honest.

One of the interesting things about coming from a comic of ancient times that I started in high school is that admittedly some of the world-building is a bit more rubber band than I would like. In a lot of furry comics and media the concept comes up of “how does a society work in a world if the predator furry species can just casually mow down a prey species furry”. That thing where a set of deer can be having coffee in business suits and suddenly a wolf char jumps out and noms them and the punchline is something like “man this dinner date app is really great!” or something.

So there are a few times I have to stop and wonder for DMFA’s world. I don’t know if I do much better but it’s an eternal work in progress. In a way I think that is partially why I tried often to base a lot of the more aggressive creatures from animals normally an herbivore.

…well that and horses are hecking scary.

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