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#1828: New Guest. New Goals.

#1828: New Guest. New Goals. published on No Comments on #1828: New Guest. New Goals.

Oh yeah. That guy. Wonder why he’s showing up…

As an aside, I’m giving everyone a heads up that on the 28th I’m going to be travelling down to the states to visit family and friends for 2 weeks (till April 9th) so there is a very high chance I’ll be missing next Friday and that following Monday’s update. I am aiming to be back and updating starting the 6th. But I also fully realize that when you are visiting family and you aren’t 100% sure what their internet and computer and time management plans are…that can easily go out the window. So consider this a heads up just in case.

….yes that means there is also a 90% chance Monday’s update is going to be super cliffhangery just cause of that. Its the rule of webcomics.

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