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#1829: A slight hiccup.

#1829: A slight hiccup. published on No Comments on #1829: A slight hiccup.

And on this sort of cliffhangy note, I shall be skoo-da-looing to the states to visit family. (Up till April 9th) I am just putting it out there that there is a high chance (aka: almost guaranteed) there wont be an update for the 30th of March and the 2nd of April due to just not being 100% sure what internet and time will be since I will be at the mercy of the famgeddon and far away from my primary computer. That and anytime you take a 10+ hour drive on Wednesday the chances are high you are just going to be wiped the following Thursday. I am aspiring to get an update done for the second week I am in the states, but all great plans of mice and men.

I will be doing my best to at least keep a heads up so no one is left in the dark. But essentially there wont be an update this upcoming Friday and next Monday. And there is a small chance there wont be one the following week until I get back on the 9th. I am hoping that wont be the case but if not assume I was eaten by the famgeddon. In any situation, I hope you all do well and I will see you all on the other siiiiiiide.

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