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#1830: Back in Inaction.

#1830: Back in Inaction. published on No Comments on #1830: Back in Inaction.

(At the time this update went up, I just got back from a 2 weeks vacation. I post this mainly so that anyone who trawls through the archives will get the joke)

I may have in fact done the entire center panel with my left hand. Weep.

But also! Woo I’m back! Spent two weeks in the States visiting family and essentially sleeping for 5 days straight. Good times indeed. But all in all I am glad to be getting back home and into doing comics again because as nice as sleeping and eating is…one gets antsy and I suppose it is a good sign of a good vacation if you are itching to get back to work by the end of it. Or at the very least itching to get back to your own home and bed and workstation.

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