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#1837: Convergent.

#1837: Convergent. published on No Comments on #1837: Convergent.

Honestly this is me if you get me talking about Super Mario RPG or Legend of Mana.

That said, this flashback does have some trickiness to it. It’s been hinted before in previous comics that Biggs is trans. Which if that has been a missed thing, then *jazz hands*. But all in all it leaves the question of how one does a flashback when Dan is yet to figure out this fact and Regina would only have the vague first impressions? The answer is pretty much delicately and with as much respect one can muster.

I mention this mainly because I didn’t want Bigg’s appearance in this flashback to feel like some sort of Easter egg mystery. Biggs himself will likely have his own thoughts to weigh in about this event (chances are next storyline in fact) as it was a major event for pretty much all four individuals in this update. But that is a story for another time. For now, it’s going to stay focused on Dan and Regina.

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