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#1842: City of cardboard.

#1842: City of cardboard. published on 12 Comments on #1842: City of cardboard.

For the most part I try to be pretty sparing on the blood effects, triple so in the main comic. The side comics generally get a bit more leeway on that front.

That said, don’t really want to hit that level of censoring where I’m like trying to pass it off as just sweat or give everyone green blood like in the old 90’s games where as long as it was green it wasn’t really that violent a game…but also not really wanting to have a full gore effect cause it just doesn’t feel right. So I suppose for all of my fist shaking at the 10 million characters with wings and their ability to block things I don’t want hidden…I can also appreciate the times when they effectively work as a way to not make things too graphic.


Gahhh, I want the next page now. NOW. Two stupd teenagers who don’t know how to communicate, but I’m really into this storytelling right now. I mean, I’m usually really into DMFA, but now I unconsciously scrolled to the “next page” button at least three times while writing this comment.

P.S. This bot is forcing me to write stupd with typos.

Oh, gee, can’t give Amber the complement I wanted to, because it is “51% likely to be perceived as toxic.” How wonderful to have a posting nanny censoring everything I say! After all, we can’t refer to what happened in this strip with the “m” word, now can we? But despite the “m” word managed to end with a joke. Well played! Stoooopid bot….

So this majorly important event in the past we’ve been waiting so long to learn about is the classic “wait let me explain! No, you’ve said enough!” trope. Honestly I’m really disappointed there wasn’t an actual relationship between Dan and Regina that went wrong. They literally just barely met, then she overreacted to a miscommunication. The original flashback of Regina being “revealed” as her being sarcastic is a massive let down as well. I’ve spent the last ten years expecting to learn about how there actually was something between them before things went horribly wrong, but no, just a cliched “impulsive overreaction” thing.

I’d be okay with this bot if the threshold for posting a comment is somewhere like 75% or even 90%. That’s based on a short playing around with what is allowed and what isn’t. The algorithm is quite shallow and can’t cope even with typos, much less with discerning when I’m being rude and when I’m just commenting on something like murder. Such words are allowed only if padded with lots of text. Being superfluous for the sake of not triggering a bot is … kind of sad.

Frankly, I prefer the 4chan way of doing things: use so many curse words that everybody in the userbase is completely desensitized to them. Then just one sentence of nice words feels like a complete win. But 4chan is (was?) a tight community not welcoming of new members, so the same cannot be applied to a comment section, of course.

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