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To be quite honest, at this point just feel the opposite of good for both of them. Two grumpy teenagers with a huge misunderstanding between them… 🙁

I love them though. I wasn’t quite sure about Regina at first but she’s grown on me <3 And Dan. Dan, my son. Your face.

Also! Lawful Evil is my favorite kind of villain to make! And hack can make chaotic evil and rampant destruction, but Lawful??? YESSSS

I don't know how to make this a less toxic post but i wanna gush about dungeons and dragons!

Hmmm. 50 years… and the incident in question was already 50 years ago according to #1821. Regina herself said “the next 50 years” in #1844, so was it a hundred-year sentence overall… or was she speaking from the frame of reference of when the incident was recent, and is it almost up? I wouldn’t expect Dark Pegasus to make any kind of major concession in the latter case. It’s possible he used exact words to make it SOUND like Regina still had 50 years to go, so she’s going to get a few free goes of it before Dan, at least, would learn what’s going on. It’s also possible (maybe even combined with the previous) that DP’s intent was “she got a 50-year block, so you leave her be for 50 years” – and had no intention of counting the time already elapsed at all.

That all said, Alexsi does not at all look sixty-plus, so maybe that “50 years back” timeframe was in error? Cast page isn’t working for me so I can’t check on her, Dan’s, or Regina’s posted ages… but if (as I’ve seen on forums) Regina is 23, I’d guess it was 5 to 10 years back rather than 50. And yet on the other hand, Dan’s a RETIRED adventurer… if he clocked out after a fairly short stint of it rather than continue courting death, that wouldn’t be unreasonable (Wildy’s boss seemed to think it reasonable enough that Dan might come out of retirement, so it’s evidently not long enough ago for Dan to be thought “well past his prime” by someone who doesn’t know he’s an incubus), but he managed to cram a LOT of exploits into it if so, especially considering he also had to fit adventuring school in that span of time.

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