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#1847: 18 year moment of reflection.

#1847: 18 year moment of reflection. published on 5 Comments on #1847: 18 year moment of reflection.

I have no doubt anything I do after DMFA will have a struggle of it being compared to DMFA. As well as folks who feel I should have kept doing DMFA cause it was better.

I just hope that when that time comes I don’t agree with them.


Even though it lacks the hilarious facial expressions and more… shall we say, consistent upload schedule and story beats that I’ve come to expect from DMFA, at least your world will live on in Project Future when you do one day kill everyone off I MEAN END THE COMIC IN A SATISFYING MANNER.

Seriously though, I have no doubt that whatever you do after DMFA ends will be amazing, because YOU made DMFA amazing. It didn’t just happen by itself!

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