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Most likely because it’s what’s expected of her. It’s an ingrained part of demon society. Kind of like how some people feel the need to be in a relationship not because they really want to be but because it’s part of a “normal” life. At least that’s what I think.

If I recall, her uncle asked her a very similar question.

Violence seems to be something that is very deeply ingrained in demon culture. It is their first instinct towards any situation they find themselves in. But if we consider Kria and Aleph as exemplars of their race, there is a very distinct difference between violence for the sake of violence, and violence as a tool.

Senseless violence just attracts attention and will ultimately get you killed by someone stronger than yourself. Violence with purpose is a means to an end, and it is the end that dictates how much violence is necessary.

And that seems to be part of Regina’s problem. She lacks a real purpose for herself. Because of this, she can’t differentiate between senseless violence, and purposeful violence, and so she takes her cues in that regard from others.

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