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#1849: Taking pride in the little things.

#1849: Taking pride in the little things. published on 3 Comments on #1849: Taking pride in the little things.

I think that regardless of what folks personal opinions are regarding Regina, we can all hopefully agree that getting the extra snack in the vending machine is one of life’s greatest simple joys.


Regina has some…unique priorities. That said, I think she finds rampages to be a waste of energy without a motivation behind them, and she lacks motivation to rampage. Amusingly, her cousin, Lorenda, is similar in mindset. But in Lorenda’s case, her mom has been a bit more aggressive in trying to get her daughter to rampage.

Lorenda has also shown herself to be less willing to simply go through the motions of a rampage, while Regina has apparently decided that taking credit for an accident was less of a hassle. Who knows if Regina might have decided the same as her cousin?

Not that it makes much difference at this point, unfortunately. Those events have been in motion for too long to stop ferrets.

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