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#1853: Why laugh last if you can just laugh whenever.

#1853: Why laugh last if you can just laugh whenever. published on 4 Comments on #1853: Why laugh last if you can just laugh whenever.

Dan’s not wearing the gloves anymore because he opted to take them off for the purpose of them being annoying when smashing stuff. And not because I got tired of drawing them and forgetting to add the bracelet every time until halfway through colouring. Sadly I couldn’t think of a feasible reason to also do that for the pants.

The shirt stayed on despite being more reasonable to take off because the idea of the jingle bell jingling the entire time amused me.


Ah, the comment form changed. Is it supposed to be gray on purple? Kinda hard to see.
I feel like Fa’Lina can be in a few places in her academy at the same time, and there are other stories that she takes part in too. I mean, besides Dan’s one. And that’s why she can do stereotypically mentor things while running the entire school.

From what Taun said back before the party, I get the impression that in some sense, Fa’lina IS the Academy. It might not be shown as literally as in librarian Oolong’s (?) case, but between that, her stated omniscience where things within the Academy are concerned, and her ability to teleport (whether that’s an avatar or the aforementioned “Falina is the academy” actually leaves her physical presence smaller than the other clan leaders), it’s likely she could immediately be where she most needs to be at any given moment even without the possibility of being physically in multiple places at once.

That said, I’ve not seen anything in the main comic that says clan leaders CAN’T have more than one avatar…

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