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#1855: Empathic Zero to One.

#1855: Empathic Zero to One. published on 14 Comments on #1855: Empathic Zero to One.

The hardest part of having a red/black character like Aliph is that trying to work out a reasonable wardrobe scheme is tricksy since the reds really do not play well with other colours. If I ever do a story arc where Regina convinces Aliph to go clothes shopping, assume it is me trying to figure out something he can wear that isn’t a variant of reds or blacks.


Aliph’s biggest problem, and that is an understatement of several centuries worth, is his unwillingness to show empathy with family and those closest to him. At least that’s what I’ve gotten out of all his appearances

I think that Aliph just has a very… Clinical way of demonstrating how he cares. He needs quantifiable actions, like when he helped Regina get her job interview. That, and giving advice when asked for (though only if he thinks that advice might actually be heeded).

When it comes to mushy, emotional stuff, yeah, he sucks at that. Furthermore, he knows he sucks at it, and every time he attempts it is just a reminder of what he doesn’t bother.

The fact that he’s died a few times, and with each revival a little less of himself comes back, probably doesn’t help matters in that regard.

If there’s one thing you can trust with Aliph, it’s that if he cares about you, he will never lie to you. He won’t sugercoat it, at all, but he won’t lie.

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