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#1864: Calling in astronaut.

#1864: Calling in astronaut. published on 9 Comments on #1864: Calling in astronaut.

Once again, you can tell its a fantasy comic because someone can take a week off of work and not get fired or there is any ramifications for doing so.

Ok maybe one could argue it is because Jyrras is a major figurehead in his own company…but one could also argue that being established with a company and a good paying job under 30 is very fantastical as well.


Moons Plural? I wonder if that has any effect on the nature of Weres in Furrae?

DMFA Weres can actually change between their 3 forms at will and aren’t limited by the moons cycle.

On the subject of the moons: #1316: In case folks are wondering, Furrae has 3 moons. I actually think it’s been lowkey canon since the early 400’s when Fa’lina had a planetary model in her office.

Steve Jobs was 25 when Apple Computer went public. Bill Gates founded Microsoft when he was 20, and ten years later his share of the company was worth $350 million. Elon Musk was 27 when he founded PayPal which was worth $1.5 billion in its first year. Rare, but not entirely fantasy. If Elon Musk can build giant space ships, Jyrras should be able to build giant gryphon mecha. It’s only fair.

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