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#1880: A high cost.

#1880: A high cost. published on 3 Comments on #1880: A high cost.

There is a lot to Biggs and Wildy’s backstory that has been left unsaid. And truth be told, some of it may never get said. It’s the strange thing with some characters…as a creator you end up making an entire backlog of their history and motivations and thoughts down to inane details of “how do they handle grocery shopping” to the point you can answer with confidence questions cause it’s easy to know them via their mindsets….but a lot of time that stuff may never actually get to the comic itself. It’s just there…in case you need it.

Btw Wildy impulse buys whatever looks good or is on sale where as Biggs likes to make a grocery list that is insanely detailed because he just has someone go out and pick up the groceries for him.


Biggs is judging his father too harshly. I doubt that his father was saying “that’s fair,” but more likely “I can’t do anything to change the past, but the money will at least help move forward.” Biggs took a less fatalistic view of the Being/Creature dynamic to say “No, I’m going to see to it that this never happens again..

As far as “stuff that never ends up in the comic,” I think every story (good ones, at least) have a lot of that. It’s called the Script Bible where all the things end up that may or may not ever be used in the story. Do you know what the skipper’s name was on Gilligan’s Island? The Professor? It was never once said in the entire run of the show, but it was Jonas Grumby and Roy Hinkley respectively, because someone thought of those things. But some things fall through the cracks. Gilligan never did get a first name (Willy was never official)

My concern is that it will feel sad and pathetic when they find out it was an accident due to… yeaaah. I’m not looking forward to that. I get the wont to make villains sympathetic, but past a point it risks taking the life out of a thing. What’s worse: the misunderstanding/motivation felt a little like political commentary.

So…I’m looking forward to the comic switching gears. This is just nope.

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